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Things to Do in Columbia, SC

How would you imagine a Southern City?

Is it Historic? Gracious? Sultry? Columbia, South Carolina encompasses each of these and much more! Columbia tantalizes all of your senses with a relaxing; comfortable pace; an abundance of playgrounds including Lake Murray, rivers, parks, gardens and the Riverbanks Zoo – one of the best in the country; the University of South Carolina and Fort Jackson. History abounds and is celebrated in museums, historic homes and even in repurposed buildings with a new start as shops and restaurants.

As the Palmetto State’s capital and a college town, Columbia’s fiery vibe cultivates a colorful arts scene while an indie spirit envelops several energized entertainment districts overflowing with locally owned boutique shops, eateries, spas and salons, and night spots. For those with an adventurous spirit, the rivers, trails or the Congaree National Park will provide endless fun. Food-lovers have over 450 restaurants to choose from and can pick a new feast for every day and night of the week. The variety is abundant and all with an easy reach. Once you’ve experienced Columbia, you’ll be delighted that you stopped to explore,


Golf Course
Course Pro
Coldstream C.C.
18 71
Coopers Creek G.C.
18 72
18 72
Golden Hills G.C.
18 71
Ron Garl
Hidden Valley
18 72
Russell Breeden
Indian River G.C.
18 71
Lyndell Young
LinRick G.C.
18 73
Russell Breeden
Mid-Carolina G.C.
18 72
Russell Breeden
Northwoods G.C.
18 72
P. B. Dye
Oak Hills G.C.
18 72
D. J. DeVictor
Persimmon Hill
18 72
Russell Breeden
Sedgewood G.C.
18 72
Russell Breeden
Timberlake G.C.
18 72
Willard Byrd
18 72
Pete & P.B. Dye
Woodlands C.C.
18 72

Several factors control the climate. Most important are the state’s location in the northern mid-latitudes, its proximity to both the Atlantic Ocean and the Appalachian Mountains, and elevation.

The state’s position on the eastern coast of a continent is important because land and water heat and cool at different rates. This provides for cooling sea breezes during the summer and warms the immediate coast during the winter. Also, it influences the way pressure and wind systems affect the state. During the summer, South Carolina’s weather is dominated by a maritime tropical air mass known as the Bermuda high. Passing over the Gulf Stream, it brings warm, moist air inland from the ocean. As the air comes inland, it rises and forms localized thunderstorms, resulting in a precipitation maxima (Trewarhta,1981).

The Appalachian Mountains also exert a major influence on the state’s climate in three ways. First, they tend to block many of the cold air masses arriving from the northwest, thus making the winters somewhat milder. Second, the occurrence of downslope winds, which warm the air by compression, cause the areas leeward of the mountains to experience slightly higher temperatures than the surrounding areas. Hence, the proximity of the mountains to the state results in a more temperate climate than otherwise would be experienced. Lastly, the mountains cause a leeside rain shadow, an area of decreased, precipitation across the Midlands, roughly parallel to the fall line (Kronberg, 1959, Landers, 1970, and Purvis et al., 1990).

The state’s annual average temperature varies from the mid-50’s in the Mountains to low-60’s along the coast. During the winter, average temperatures range from the mid-30’s in the Mountains to low-50’s in the Lowcountry. During summer, average temperatures range from the upper 60’s in the Mountains to the mid-70’s in the Lowcountry.

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